šŸ‘‹ Hello. My name is Ryan Rich. I'm a technology leader and privacy advocate. You can read more about me here ā†’ rrich.io

Welcome to Tumultus.io

Tumultus is a quasi-newsletter, blog, and podcast dedicated to exploring privacy in the age of the internet. I expose how large organizations invade individual privacy, exploit user data, and subvert autonomy through dark patterns.

My goal is to help individuals understand their rights online by examining how organizations collect and utilize data.


I charge $5/m for full access to tumultus.io. I occasionally post publicly available articles that anyone can read. Iā€™m also completely fine with subscribers forwarding newsletters to non-subscribers. I simply ask that if you find value in the work I produce, that you consider paying $5/m.


I try to make myself open and available to readers. If you have any questions, concerns, corrections, or feedback, please send me an email ā†’ rrichrs@gmail.com